Architecture Studio + Creative Environment.


ETTA is an architecture studio and creative environment led by Architects Robyn Robertson and Mark Sin, who are licensed to practice in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  

We are inspired by the vast geography of the Canadian landscape that is shaped by an extreme climate and influenced by remote and rural communities, urban centers and the natural environs.  With a focus on developing an architecture and material sensibility that identifies and responds to a changing demographic and the many ways people live, it is our intent that each project is enduring, relevant and environmentally conscious. We are excited by the prospects, visions and needs that each new client brings to the table.  We embrace design challenges and work closely and collaboratively with clients, consultants and craftspeople to transform concepts into realized work.

Our approach to design is communicated across all project types and scales which include product design, community interventions, concept renderings, residential and commercial design. 


. act as interpreter of people, culture and place
. improve connection with craftspeople + builders to preserve specialized knowledge
. acknowledge local climate, surrounding environment and natural landscape and allow it to inform architecture
. contribute to local community through architectural education, public interventions and engagements
. lessen impact on the natural environment


Robyn and Mark met at Dalhousie University School of Architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005. Following graduation, with their humanitarian and meditative theses in tow, they moved to Saskatchewan to begin their careers.

In 2012, they co-founded OPEN Design Collaborative with former Dalhousie classmates with whom they sought to engage the public and challenge perceptions of design through discourse, media, public art and architecture. With OPEN, they were involved in projects such as a public art installation with the Centre for the Study of Cooperatives at the University of Saskatchewan and the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-operative, participated in the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Architecture 2013 Initiative and the Migrating Landscapes competition, organized by 5468796 Architecture, which was Canada’s official entry at the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture.

Over the next few years, Robyn and Mark amassed invaluable experience working at local architecture firms. Combined, they have been exposed to many projects varying in size, typology and complexity. In fall of 2015, their passion for craft and scale ultimately led them to open their own practice.  Robyn and Mark continue to be engaged in their community through mentorship programs, community builds and speaking engagements.

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